Party - is not just a meeting of friends, a good meal and alcoholic libations.Good party - is, above all, emotional drive, the pleasure of communicating with people and a variety of entertainment.The original script, the better the party will be held.

to organize your evening was a success, you first need to consider not only the menu but also classes for guests.Ate you invite people, some of them unknown to each other, make sure to introduce them to each other.This can be done in advance to prepare short slogans (such as "Ivan - a computer genius and a good man. Excellent skier and is irreplaceable on the dance floor") or to introduce their guests impromptu.

not leave "empty spaces", plan the time as accurately as possible.For example, Take 15-20 minutes to get acquainted with each other, then let guests will take place in the room where
the main action takes place.Another 30 minutes to lay on a small buffet, and then move on to a thematic program of the evening.

parties may be confined to any occasion: bachelorette party, celebrating something, a holiday calendar, etc.This may already be the theme of the evening, and may complement the subject of your choice.If you plan to dress code, guests must notify the property in advance.Also notify them of the format and topic of the event.

Think competitions.This may be the usual "Phantom", "Burime" (you can complicate the task, such as permitting the use of very modern slang words) "charade."Well suited for the maintenance of fun "Twister" - it can quickly collapse the barriers of embarrassment even among unfamiliar with each other people.

Optionally zagotovte guests small gifts - pocket calendars with funny slogans reminiscent of the party, pens, key rings.

Sophisticated party organization to ensure that none of your guests get bored or feel tightness.