you need
  • colorless nail polish
  • nail polish remover
  • soap
  • several newspapers
Do not spoil or destroy personal property master.This not only amuse him, but leave a negative mark on his soul.Example: The most harmless gag is now considered next.It should be in the clear varnish dip all writing instrument teacher.His reaction is ambiguous, when all of a sudden stop pens and pencils to write.Tip: You always have to keep to yourself and liquid nail polish remover to instantly eliminate all "problems" with handles.
Clearcoat will play a teacher
Try to make your jokes that day simple but good.Example: You can place each object Teachers from the table and the class log and ending w
ith chalk and a pointer to wrap an ordinary newspaper.Despite the fact that quite a harmless joke, resentment teacher will certainly cheer the whole class.Tip: better to find like-minded people - a team of classmates who will assist in the preparation of the rally.
Prepare a few old newspapers unnecessary
Do not go too far and do not invent jokes, which can lead to disastrous consequences, for example, affect the health uchitelya.Primer: School board can advance to rub soap.I chalk on a blackboard would not write.If the whole class knows what the "trick", the fun will last for half uroka.Sovet: If a teacher is strict enough, it can cause the wash and scrub the entire board.Worked on doing this is not so much fun.Therefore, should prepare in advance cleaner for quick removal "fault" on the blackboard.
You can make fun of the teacher and the school board through
Mess original, but it is interesting.Perhaps the most popular is a hoax "white back".It is all a long time know, and in the middle of the day the teacher will begin to irritate another joke in a similar style.Example: Find a headdress like a teacher, only less than 2 or 3 sizes and persuaded classmates and students of other classes periodically ask the teacher that he had a head.The teacher will look for flaws in the mirror, but did not find them, and the disciples in the meantime will continue to ask the question.Joke will be revealed when the teacher gathered home, I try to put the head ubor.Sovet: Do not forget to return the headdress teacher, otherwise you draw it accurately will not forget.
Prepare in advance and pick up a hat, like your teacher