you need
  • steel wire with a diameter of 2 mm
  • fabric on tight
  • tape on the crown
  • Starch
  • soldering iron and solder
  • Cutters
Definethe length of the wire.A small circle, which will need to attach the fields and the crown, defined simply: it is the girth of the head.
Cut a piece of wire the appropriate length.
But to draw a small circle on a piece of paper you still need, and for that you need to remember two two formulas of school geometry - defining the radius of the circle and its length.Calculate the radius of the first circle small and draw a circle on the paper.Add to the radius of width of the field and draw a large circle.Calculate the length of the larger circle and cut the appropriate piece of wire.
paper pattern will need to make a slinky fabric.
Define and calculate the height of the crown cone.To do this, the angle of Whatman sheet aside and spend the height of the crown arc.Attach to the resulting arc of a piece of wire from which you are going to make a small circle.If the arc on Whatman paper has turned slightly more - mark the desired length of the arc point, follow a straight line to the corner and cut out the pattern.
Now you can weld both circles.
Turn the pattern on the fabric, making allowances.Do not forget that the fields need two parts, and to crown it will be enough of one.Parts for the crown, sew on slices.Fold the bottom edge, insert the wire in the hem small circle and the crown neatly hem on the inside.Nakrahmalte the crown, except for the tip, which must hang.
fields add together the face inside and Stitch on the outer circle.Remove receive the item and proutyuzhte.Volozh big circle.Hem on a section of the smaller circle turn away so that they went into the crown.Sew them, capturing the crown and needle hem hem fields.You can pre-hem crown fluff paste.