Toys and creativity

for kids 1 year - this is a very important time, he begins to walk, talk, something interested.If the child likes to draw, you can give him a set of children's creativity for the youngest with finger paints and crayons thick.

children really like big machines Rolling with music signals, while riding in which the child can, pushing the legs, move around the apartment.In addition, there are beautiful musical rudders, trim the table with colorful buttons, singing nursery rhymes and children's educational tables.

for the development of visual perception of the baby can teach him a big br
ight book with beautiful pictures, or a stuffed toy.

Kids love all sorts of rocking, therefore, a great gift will swing: floor or pendant.If space does not permit the apartment, then you can replace them with a soft toy in the form of a rocking elephant, horse, bear, etc.This is not just an interesting toy, but also a great trainer, promotional vestibular crumbs.

Equally useful are the gifts that the child will be able to use up to 3-4 years.This variety of gaming towns, tents, inflatable or plastic slides, pools.Cyclists also appreciate crumbs.Now on sale there is a model with a handle for parents stand for children's feet and all kinds of toys, buttons on the front panel.At first it will be a useful gift for parents and grown up a little kid can have your own pedal.

Gifts usefully

year-old child to the development of necessary blocks, transformers, designers.Do not forget to pay attention when buying, so that they did not have small parts.

Highchair is very useful when a child begins to feed himself.It will ensure its comfort and safety.In addition, it can be used as additional space for games, toys spread out on it or album and paint.

permissible to give baby clothes, especially if the parents in advance to ask about the needs of the child.The simplest, but least useful option - it is an envelope with the money, in this case, the parents will decide for themselves what the child needs and what he purchased.

Unusual gifts

Silver Spoon "by heart" is a traditional gift, but on the first anniversary it will be a wonderful surprise.With one year of age, children begin to master cutlery, so this item will be used for its intended purpose.Especially considering the disinfecting properties of silver.

symbolic gift can be a colorful children's Bible.

most original way to please loved ones can be set to cast "the first track of the kid."Godson with mom and dad will be able to take part in this exciting process, we obtain, as a result, prints and modeling palms and feet crumbs.Do not forget to attach to this souvenir and bouquet for mom baby - and a nice gift ready.