you need
  • 2 packing box
  • Foil
  • Colored paper
  • piece of wire
  • Universal adhesive
  • Brush
  • Scissors
  • knife
  • Pencil
  • line
  • Shiloh
  • Scotch
Start making suit with his head.Take a small cardboard box.Cut unwanted parts of the box, you should have a cube without one side.On the other side, which will depict the face, draw the shape of the cut.The cutout may be square, rectangular, circular.One can simply make the openings for the eyes, they have to be large enough to suit comfortably.Cut a hole.Paste over the box with foil.Arrange the front part.It can be done, for example, a series of buttons and levers.They are not necessarily symmetrical - robots are different.
Attach the antenna to the head.Awl perforate the top of t
he head two holes at a distance of 3-4 cm apart.Bend the wire so as to obtain two identical antennas and the gap between them is equal to the distance between holes.Insert the wire.To the inside of the box, attach it shut.The holes on top, you can cover up gray clay.To attach the antenna mustache tips of foam sponge.They cut out the shape, promazhte glue and spread on the wire.
Take a box designed for the body.Just as in the "head", trim the excess parts.You should have a high cardboard a box, and without the bottom.In the upper face mark and cut a round hole.Center get spending diagonally.The circle must be sized to loosely held his head, but at the same time he kept on his shoulders.
Cut holes for the arms.They can be circular, is located closer to the top edge.But it can be made fairly wide slit starting from the bottom of the side faces.Okleyte torso foil.Before you complete your various buttons and levers.
In principle, the suit is ready.But you can improve it by making more and legs.For this you need the old sneakers, flip-flops or shoes without laces.You need shoes, which can be freely put on and not to suffer with lacing and buckles.Locate the two long and narrow box.Typically, these boxes are closed for long and narrow face.It needs to stick and two small side - crop.Paste over the box with foil.By the bottom of the "legs" sew shoes.And - forward to the carnival!