you need
  • Beard gnome
  • skein synthetic twine white, red or black
  • hook №2
  • gum or tape
Beard startknit top.To do this, measure the baby's face and tie a chain of air loops desired length.Turn the work, take a piece of lace and knit the next row of columns without nakida, attaching elastic tape to the knitting.To do this as knitting braid lay on the bars of the previous row.Dovyazav to the end of the row, turn the work.
Knit a few rows of columns without the addition and subtraction of loops.It all depends on what kind of shape and length of beard you have chosen.If the beard is short and wide, enough to tie the series 15-20.Then begin to diminish the loop, simply dovyazyvaya i
n each row of columns 5-7.If the beard is long and narrow, then knit rows 25-30, subtract loop follows.Since the beginning of series of knit 2 column with nakida, then 2 column together, and so knit to end of row.Bates loop as long as there will be 5 columns.
Bakhrom begin to knit from the bottom.In each column provyazyvayte 1 st.The even rows provyazyvayte polustolbikami.Hinges series carefully placed next to the previous loop.Thus knit to the place where the beard is connected to the tape.Knit the last row, tear off the thread, tighten the knot and thread the thread between the posts.
Vyvyazyvanie fringe