you need
  • - artificial fur;
  • - lining fabric;
  • - sintepon or hollofayber;
  • - matching colored thread;
  • - slim bezel covered with cloth or made of twisted wire.
Everything you need can be purchased at any store specializing in the sale of fabrics and accessories.For the outer part of the tab, select the strip of thin and soft faux fur black, gray or red color.Backing fabric, which is sewn from the inner part of the ear, can be white, pink or gray.However, a flight of fancy is not limited, ears unusual color will look very interesting, especially in conjunction with the original suit.
Before embarking on the creative process, you need to prepare a pattern.The cat's ears are shaped like a triangle, so the pattern will look simple.On a sheet of heavy pap
er or cardboard, draw an isosceles triangle of the desired size - it is the sketch of the future of the tab.
Fixing the pattern on the fabric, trace it in pencil.You will need to do two fur details and two of the lining fabric to the inside of the eye.Then cut the triangles, leaving about one centimeter allowance.
Fold the fur and fabric details face to face, sew the wrong side of the sides.At the bottom, leave a small opening, and through it, remove the lugs on the front side.
Tamp triangles filled.If the hand was not hollofaybera syntepon or you can use a regular cotton or cloth trim.Countersunk seam sew the base to the end.
durable, matching colored thread sew ears to the rim, trying to wrap their little corners inward, like the ears of this cat.
dress and wear!Personally made cat ears like both adult and child.This unique hand made accessory will be an interesting addition to the costume theme party.Narrow dress appropriate color, high stud, flirty ponytail - resist the soft feline gait nobody can.