Tip 1: Where in Moscow to celebrate the birth of a child

Celebrating the birth of a child for many parents to become a real challenge.After all, if the child invite friends home, the parents then waits for general cleaning and counting losses from broken dishes and overturned flowerpots.It is better to send the child to the benefit of energy - and to play and learn new things and test their strength.In Moscow, many places where you are happy to see the children and are willing to give them an unforgettable holiday.

willfully appetite

Network family cafe Anderson not only arrange for the child gatherings with delicious desserts, but also give an idea now.Anderson many holiday programs, designed for children of different ages (from 3 to 12 years).And it may not only be clowns, pirates and fairies.Do you want to triple the real "paintball", where the role of paints serve with whipped cream and fresh eggs?A play Mythbusters and himself an experiment?Fun to be around!

And those children who want to treat themselves their guests culinary delights, welcome to
a culinary master class in the studio Julia Vysotsky.Together with a professional chef children cook delicious smoothies, ice cream or original desserts.And, of course, after all this tasting.And children will reinforce the forces on the game with an animator - soap bubbles show, magic tricks or scientific experimentation.

the museum for entertainment

popular venue for children's parties, and have now become a museum.Where else is there in the form of games, you can spend a tour of the nursery, talk about the exhibits, hold a quiz and an interactive game.For example, in the Darwin Museum offers children from 6 to 13 years, ready to learn new things about the planet, go back in time or to meet with exotic animals.

State Museum.ASPushkin invites children to note "Name day in Russian Manor" - so called festive program, which will allow children to travel for three periods.First, the guests will celebrate the name day in Russia, and then learn how to celebrated the feast of the nobles of Pushkin's time, and at the end to congratulate the birthday child will learn all the rules and according to etiquette.

A museum Animation will teach children to do these cartoons.Under the guidance of an experienced animator, guests learn how to write a script and realize our plans in life and work results will get to a DVD-ROM as a gift.And, of course, will remove a single movie about the birthday.

Extreme for a teenager

But if entertainment younger children can always find options with moody teenagers will be more difficult.They do not need an animator, but want thrills and opportunities to show off to friends.For the brave and physically hardy climbing wall can be offered with a specially adapted wall.Moreover, such "exotic" for children since 6 years (climbing center BigWall).A thrill can start flying in aerotrube.Such entertainment is more suitable for teenagers from 10 years due to high pressure and strong airflow (children under the age may simply be scared).Two minutes of the coast (under the supervision of an instructor) enough to feel like a real astronaut.The largest complex aerodynamic "FreeZone" is at the Simferopol highway and willing to accept any day by appointment.

Tip 2: Where to celebrate the birth of a child

On the eve of the birthday of the beloved children of the majority of parents think where and how to celebrate it.I would like a holiday that will be remembered for a long time to a child.Variants of the birth of a lot.The choice depends primarily on the material possibilities of the family.
Where to celebrate the birth of a child

Birthday child in nature and at home

celebrate a birthday child on nature can be fun and unusual, if the hero of the occasion was born in the summer.For this is well suited cottage, country house, hostel.You can celebrate this joyous event in a narrow circle and invite families with children.Adults can change into a fairy-tale characters and arrange competitions and various competitions among children and to participate with them. Such events unite the family and leave pleasant memories.

birthday celebration at home has many positive aspects.First, Pre efforts already create a fun atmosphere.Children with parents to cook and decorate a holiday table.If you do not have time, you can dine in the cafe with home delivery.

now widespread service - call animation.If the advance is not to tell the child about it, probably, it will be a real surprise.For example, children are still sitting at the table, and suddenly appear from somewhere theatrical show, people in costumes fairy-tale characters, puppets.Delight is not the limit! Children certainly will remember this birthday for a long time.

Whichever option to celebrate children's birthday was not selected, as long as it was unforgettable, fun and liked the hero of the occasion.

Celebrating the birth of your child to a cafe and bowling

birthday in a cafe recently is one of the most common options, and has a number of advantages.The first advantage is that you do not need a holiday to cook and clean the dishes.If the room size allows this, you can play outdoor games.In addition, parents can relax and have fun with the children.

However, such an event is not too cheap.Ordering food is usually done in advance is determined time of the holiday.You can again invite professionals - animators who amuse children and give parents a chance to relax.

One unusual option can be called a child holding a birthday in bowling.As a rule, there is a cafe where you can eat delicious food.Bowling - it is fun and at the same time a sport that is suitable for children from 10 years.Can be divided into teams of adults and children, organize competitions.Children will be interesting and fun, and, above all, a celebration will be remembered for a long time!