you need
  • 2 sheets of cardboard format A-1
  • fabric on tight - 1.5 m at extension 140 or 150 cm
  • Paste
  • compass
  • long line
  • Pencil
  • Shilo
  • thick needle with a large eye
  • Threads №1 or "snowflake"
  • few feathers
Before working cook paste, because it has to cool.
Measure the circumference of the head.Compute the inner circle pattern according to the formula R = l / 2 * 3.14.Draw a circle on the cardboard.
Add to the resulting radius of 18-20 cm and a draw from the same center of a circle of larger diameter.With long lines divide the circle in half, draw a line through the center.Put obtained by crossing the line with a greater circumference of 2cm in each direction on the groove.Connect the resulting poi
nts with the point of intersection of the line with a smaller circle.
Draw from the same center of one circle with a radius of about 2.5 cm less than the radius of the inner circle.It will increase in the gluing.
Cut out the pattern.The circle is intended to gluing, make an incision in several places at regular intervals to the inner circle of the hat.Cut line cut off at an angle of about 45 degrees
On another sheet of cardboard and draw a pattern crown bottom.Crown is a semi-circle with a radius of 10 and 28 cm. Make allowances for gluing the crown on top and side edges of the crown.
Pattern hats
Lay the fabric wrong side up, and turn it all the pattern pieces.Allowances for leave for gluing the outer and inner side of the field and on the top of the crown.Remember that the fields you need to cut two identical rings.In fact, that you'll hang the bottom fields, make allowances for gluing on the outer and the inner circumference of the ring.The ring is to be adhered to the top field, gain is only done on the inner circumference.The outer circumference of the top ring very carefully cut severely in size.Without the allowance, and cut out the bottom of the hat.On Tuglie allowances are made on both sides.
Cut parts.
Glue the crown at the seam and allow it to dry.Above the bottom of the stick.
Put the crown inside the field so that allowances for pasting fields were inside the crown.Glue the crown.
Before you strap a hat and let it dry.
Spread the paste a piece of fabric for the crown.Stick it by bending allowances on top of the field and on the bottom.How should iron it and let dry.

Glue the lower part of the field by bending allowances inside the crown and the top of the field.Dry hat.

Glue upper part of the field.

Glue the bottom.

Give hat to dry.

Sew feathers.