As creative people, teachers really love and appreciate poetic congratulations.Especially if they are written specifically for them, and to a certain date.Today you can find many poems dedicated to preschool workers, on specialized sites.Or you can write your own verse.For example, this: Educators at sveteRazumeetsya not schestZnayut adults and detiChto such people estv we say spasiboZa love and kindness, For his warmth could byObogret you all over the country! To you rus
h in the morning the children, with you being asked gulyatMama - the best in the world, educators -mother, too!For all the sons and dochekOt heartfelt thanks, and at the end of these lines, we wish you hotimSchastya, joy, luck and health - a hundred letChtoby you become wealthy to shine in the world you the answer!
If an occasion for congratulations solid, such as an anniversary, prepare a gift the whole group (if it is small).Gather at the weekend with my parents and children with them rehearse a scene or poem congratulations on roles.The skit can be depicted children chickens, hoping for their yellow tee shirt and manufacture paper combs on the head.A hero of the occasion will be a chicken-hen (same crest on the head and flirty apron).Around her chickens start to reel, preferably with music (congratulations to attract kindergarten muzrabotnika).
If your child has already graduated from the garden, but you would like to somehow repay his beloved governess, and leave a good memory, buy her a souvenir for a special date.It can bytv aza flower, painting, any interior decoration.If you can, sign on the back of your Present "from grateful parents of such and such or so and so" and date.You can attach to gift beautiful card with a similar signature.All caregivers collect gifts and crafts from their loved ones graduate.