Identify the main objectives of your event.You can dedicate it to last year's graduates.and you can make the anniversary evening: "One day, ten years later", "anniversary meeting", "space bridge generations."
exact scheme of writing a script is not, but you can highlight the main stages.
- Opening.Greeting guests.Speech director.
- The main part.Introduction of guests, presentation of amateur, gaming moments.
- Closing.Farewell to the guests.Tour of school.
Depending on the purpose of pick material.To do this, make a list of guests.Learn how developed their fate after graduation.Think interview questions.They should be correct, accurate, well-articulated.It is advisable to prepare students for this.The most interesting questions c
an be used directly in the scenario.
Seek out those graduates who were out of town.Tie correspondence.If they can not come to a meeting, you can issue them a wall newspaper.It is useful for the design of the hall.
Divide the guests into groups.This division is, of course, conditional.It is necessary to build the questions to determine the number of amateur.
division can be so:
- a profession associated with the transport, construction, economics;
- people of intellectual labor;
- by year of release;
- alumni, parents of current students;
- for hobbies.
Questions can be of a different nature.Kindergarten teachers and teachers: "Children have changed during your work?What they have become better, worse? "Builders, architects:" Ancient wisdom says that a man should plant a tree, build a house, raise a son.In what you have already taken place? "Doctors, scientists," If you were to invent a medicine against some disease it would be? ยป
Questions may be different.The main thing is that they are original.Use the quotes, proverbs, biographical details of the lives of great men.
How to write a script homecoming
now take care of the rooms of amateur.They need to be different in nature, but most include fun, entertainment, bright rooms.Use costume miniatures.The main thing that all was well rehearsed.If last year's graduates
loved to speak at the school stage, we can offer them to prepare in advance some fun number.
You can use simple games.Such able to play and the older generation.Here is one of them.
game called "Do you remember?".Leading throws the ball into the hands of the players and ask questions.Whoever caught him responsible.The game is very fun.
But such issues can be.
- What floor was the history of the office?
- Have you ever been "on the carpet" the director?
- Which hairstyle was at the head of the class?
- whether to hide the diary from the parents?Graduates
help each other to remember interesting moments of the school's biography, which greatly enlivens the atmosphere.
How to write a script homecoming
Prepare souvenirs for guests.It may be a little otkrytochku with the image of the school bell.Very popular little gold and silver bells.You can use the crafts the children made the lessons work (frame for photos with a school-themed medallion).
Gather Book reviews.Let graduates leave their wishes.
part of your script, connect one hero.This can be a fairy tale character.It guides visitors through the pages of the evening.
It can stray in time Vanya and Masha.
It can be advanced students who invented the time machine.Make
word linking all parts of the script in one plot.