Despite the fact that the war ended many years had passed, and the descendants of those who fought, have been living in different states, the Day of Victory continue to celebrate.Each year, the authorities are taking part in parades and rallies and laying flowers at the monument.These celebrations can become part of your output.
If you have the desire, to visit the rally in honor of the holiday, watch a military parade and put flowers at the Eternal Fire and monument to fallen soldiers.As if no one belonged to May 9 (the day as a ho
liday or a day of great sorrow), but to honor the memory of innocent victims - is sacred.
this day the city hosts a lot of different entertainment.You can listen to a concert where they sing songs of the war years, or a brass band, try the traditional soldier's porridge (often active military units for this event bring their field kitchens) and have a "front-line" one hundred grams.For young people in recent years, organized sports competitions, costume battle.Military-patriotic clubs show off their exhibition.
Together with the children, you can visit this day Museum of Military Glory and look at the equipment during the war in the museum under the open sky.It is unlikely that you go out often in these institutions of culture, so there are bound to find something interesting for themselves and for the child.
couple of hours you can be given a good overview of artistic and documentary films dedicated to the events of the Great Patriotic War.Even if you are already familiar with it, you will certainly be able to see something new, something that had not paid attention.
can visit the Orthodox church and light a candle for the repose of the deceased.This makes many people in this day .They come also to the cemetery to commemorate their relatives who died during the war.By the way, the priests often conduct the funeral service and monuments of the dead.
Get together with your family and close friends at the banquet table.This can be done at home or, if the weather permits, go on nature.Optionally to this day make noise and have fun.But if you sit and have a chat with their family and friends, look through family albums and think about all the people departed dear to you, it will be the best event in this unforgettable day .
As a rule, in the evening, after sunset, in many cities of the celebrations end with a fireworks display.This sight always admired and never get bored.