depending on how many years have passed since then and the date of your round you issue to determine whether it can be festive.In the case where the time has passed and a bit and not the date of the anniversary, their gatherings with friends you can organize a cafe or a small cozy restaurant where you will have the opportunity to socialize and, and dance.Jubilee meeting can begin in the native school or institution, and to invite her their teachers and professors.On 25 and even 50 years to gather all the graduates one with you and the course of the year.
The sooner you start preparing, the better.Try, at least, most of his classmates to call all those who have phones.Find a list of your class or group, look for those with whom there is no
communication in social networks.Offer them a specific date for the meeting and adjust it, if there is a lot of requests to postpone to some more convenient for most dates.
decided on the date, visit the school and talk with teachers, discuss the possibility of a meeting with them in the walls of your alma mater.Having obtained the consent, notify your friends about the final selected date and ask them to confirm their participation in the meeting.Talk with your friends, read reviews on the Internet, choose a suitable restaurant or hotel, so you can be there all comfortably fit.Book it on that date.
But the restaurant or cafe - not necessarily.The meeting may also be more informal if any of her classmates give to your house, or rather, a cozy courtyard.In summer it is even more preferable than sitting in a stuffy and smoky room.
Consider the program of your meeting, define its subjects.If youth have been common hobbies - for example, you go hiking or playing sports, it is possible to prepare any wall newspaper or memories combined these topics.
In the event that you liked in the campaigns to sing with a guitar, ensure its availability at your meeting - if the restaurant is fully booked, you will be able to ad lib singing all together.Choose the musical accompaniment of the evening - on the Internet, you can download almost all the songs that sounded at the time, when you have learned.Prepare a video presentation - many restaurants are now available projectors.If not, you can order and bring the equipment in advance.
Make an estimate of the holiday, which in addition to fees for supper consider the lease of the restaurant equipment, gifts and flowers for teachers.At the meeting, you can book a professional photographer who will do some really interesting pictures.In this case, consider the cost estimates to pay his labor and copying images on digital media.