Christmas Eve, January 6, the end one of the most stringent Orthodox fasts.And in the last pre-holiday week should be particularly strict fasting - the menu is completely eliminated not only meat and dairy products, and fish and wine.We do not recommend watching television, visiting all kinds of entertainment events.
If you decide to celebrate Christmas according to the rules, conduct pre-holiday week with the appropriate attitude.Lofty thoughts, visit the church service, the spiritual home reading with your children will help you to tune in the appropriate way.
On Christmas Eve, prepare the festive table.According to tradition, it should be very abundant.Recommended meat dishes - such as baked h
am, jelly, jellied fish, pancakes, porridge ram side, suckling pig, goose or duck stuffed with apples, pies vyazigoy, fish and cabbage, candied sweet cakes.
Do not forget to prepare sochivo - a dish of boiled wheat grains or rice, flavored with honey.This is the first dish, which is allowed to eat after fasting and climbing the first star.Note that a strict fast refers to the monastic charter, for the laity quite possible concessions.For example, children, pregnant women, the sick and the elderly are not required to withstand the post.
Decorate the holiday table.According to tradition, it should be at least 12 dishes.In serving stick with white and blue gamma - the colors of the Orthodox Christmas.Mandatory snow-white starched tablecloth, under which it is possible to put a little hay.As an added decor fit candles and stars - the best silver and crystal.
By Christmas, buy new clothes for the whole family and especially for children.Even in the home range of the household must look beautiful and festive.
Christmas dinner should be quiet and sedate, loud music and loud conversations are not welcome.However, it is possible to pick up a musical program of motets.Explain the importance of what is happening - they are usually imbued with the solemnity of the moment, and behave accordingly.