To a child it was nice to spend time on the dacha , you need to rest properly organized.It will need to spend not only your time but also part of the territory.Cottagers, who are very sensitive to the crop will have to tune in advance: perhaps not all cottages beds safely outsource visit the child.So what to do with the child on a summer residence ? Games ploschadkaDeti enjoy playing at their own ground.Even a minimal set - a sandbox and swings - can captivate a long time, not only the child, but younger students.If the site is not, so much the better - get busy together.Few of the children refuse together with the Pope or grandfather to drive nails into the boards, paint them, cover the sand, hang on gamak.P
omosch cottage If properly organize the process, the children will be happy to do a fine job of giving .Find out what gives them more pleasure.Someone would be happy to tinker with the beds, lay the seeds into the wells and then carefully fill them with earth.Older kids easily managed with a hose, and the younger willingly beds watered from a watering can.And certainly none of the children will not refuse to help with the harvest: to find the greatest or the most cucumber tomato red, raspberry bush rob.Even raspberries go not into the basket, and went straight into his mouth - but the child will be happy and busy delom.Uhod rasteniyamiEsli for children are at the cottage often, they can take their own small flower bed, to allow it to put anything and care for plants.This is a very useful exercise: the child learns patience, responsibility and get an idea of ​​how to grow vegetables, berries and flowers.In addition, tomatoes and squash grown on their own, with much tastier obychnyh.Igry vodoyNa cottage do not always have a large playground, but the water usually is.You can arrange the channel or pool: dig, lay polythene to prevent water flowed, and run it in the toy fish or boats, bathe dolls.If the weather holds, you can splash out water pistols or pour a children's pool and a splash there.