If you need a place to relax and not think about nothing, look for vacation homes vacation.In Moscow them a huge amount - from budget to pathos.You can even find a ski (Yahroma, Wohlen) or a real Spa-Resort.Entertainment in a variety of places - swimming pool, sauna, steam bath, etc., - have something to do and a child.The lodges provide a games room, children's playground, and some mini-zoo.
If you want to relax unusual look themed holiday homes.In Moscow there are hotels, for example, in the ethnic style.They offer a performance of the various national ceremonies and workshops.You can stay, for example, in the Chukchi home.No less popular now and ekofermy.They throw all kinds of pets, an
d offer guests to try them make love, milk a cow, for example.Food in the restaurant at the farm are also prepared from the products of farms.
If sitting in one place is not for you, combine relaxation with sightseeing.In the Moscow region are many monuments, mansions, churches and monasteries.For example, near the town of Serpukhov has Polenovo - homestead of the famous artist and patron.It is located on the bank of the Oka River in the coniferous forest and perfectly preserved.Walk through it and down to the river at any time of the year.Estates like Polenovo, in many - Abramtsevo, Arkhangelsk and other.All are in excellent condition and has around necessary for leisure infrastructure - cafes, parking.
If you love all the unusual, head to the village of St. Nicholas slothful in the Kaluga road.There enthusiasts movement "Arch-state" created unique wooden structures.Wandering through the village, you can stumble upon a great ear, giant swings and other unusual items, woven from twigs.