Recreation pupils should be diversified.Physical activity is required.This is a necessary element in the development of children.But also about the intellectual recreation should not be forgotten.It can also be fun.

Leisure activities best carried out in the fresh air.Even in winter, when the temperature outside allows, you need most of my free time on the street.This additional hardening.Naturally, in the absence of contraindications.During the warmer months there is an option to make a "Merry starts".You can carry them together with their parents.It will benefit the
whole family.

Team games promote teambuilding - volleyball, football, basketball.In winter - hockey and skiing.Interested in children can award the main prize to the winning team.The reward could be tickets to the movies or theater, going to some interesting place.It all depends on the interests of participants.

In their free time you can visit the swimming pool.For those who can not swim coach will need help, so it is necessary to agree in advance with him.Maybe the girls will want to do water aerobics, you should find out whether this is possible and to organize classes.

In his spare time, students can visit the clubs.Writing to them can be carried out both at school and in the organizations dealing with children's activities.If not, the teacher can try to organize clubs, with the help of parents and colleagues.

interesting activities - visiting theaters and exhibitions.It is best to choose a play for children and adolescents.And by the students can enroll in drama school, or to organize it at the school.Playing in the school theater improves diction increases the socialization of children and helps them to show all their abilities.Child actors try on the role that they have not had to play in life, it is interesting and useful.

Many students are very curious to find out how to make certain things like functioning factories and businesses.The best way to do this - production tour.They carry out various sightseeing company, who take on the organization and delivery of people to the place of the event.