birthday gifts people choose differently.Some prefer useful gifts in the economy, some presented souvenirs and trinkets.And some very practical to prefer going to the store to arrange future birthday interrogation.Very often, this approach is justified, and the birthday boy (guest of honor) is forced to admit that he would like to receive a gift from you.

However, in the case of small children it does not work, and then have to guess yourself.Important: do not try to give practical things such as children's dishes, nipple clothes.It is unlikely that you will guess, as a gift parents will react.Give toys, rattles, educational mats, but always of the highest quality.

Kids older can already say what they want.And if you can not ask or dream child looks really very fantastic, then giv
e something to develop, age-appropriate baby: a set of creative, educational toys and the like.Such a thing is not exactly lying around.By the way, before you buy something for your child, check the age of the seller, which is designed for this thing.

with gifts teenager is hard to guess, if we are talking about some abstract teenager.Therefore, selecting a gift, ask of a young person that they would like to receive a gift.Well, if this is not possible, then giving the money.Age 14-16 years already presupposes the existence of some needs that can not be without a certain amount in your pocket.For example, a date with a friend at the sushi bar.

But an adult man was held to give the money to the birthday shameful.It is necessary "to navigate the terrain."Or again subjected to interrogation birthday a la "What do you give?".

Well, if it is absolutely bad, and each finished with phrases like "do not need anything, just come - I'll give you tea," then give him the impression.Today, in many cities there are agencies that provide services "seems a gift."And the experience can be very different: balloon flight, visit to the spa-salon, tea ceremony, dance lessons, piloting aircraft, photography lessons, yoga sessions with a personal trainer or spear fishing.You only need to buy a gift certificate for an adventure and selected to present his birthday.And he has himself will choose the time to use your gift.

And another important point that is worth considering when choosing gifts.Never ever, giving professional fishermen any elements equipment: hooks, rods, reels and more!An exception may be only in case if you are too pro-fisherman.The same applies to any other hobbies.If you do not share with the birthday of his hobbies - do not try to please present within the scope of his interest.You would never guess.