Clearly define for yourself what you want to give flower , that you mean girl .It is better to write on paper, its intention to express their feelings in words.Try to write a list of reasons why you want to please a Woman is a flower.Having done a similar psychological work with them, you will be able to choose the right flower , and maybe more than one, and to present it so that she will feel that you mean.But your brainstorm to be honest and frank, and not contain incoherent phrases excited about sex.
Know that you are giving.In the world there is a huge number of colors, each of which has its value.Here is a brief interpretation of the popular colors:
Red roses - love and passion
Pink roses - thanks
Yellow roses - friendship
Orange roses - hot feeling and
White roses - innocence
Daisies - joy
Tulips - happiness
Red carnations - love andrespect
Orchids - pure affection.
Learn flavor girl.You may be madly in love and decided to present a huge red rose, but your friend may just hate red.Before you make a gift, spend a mini-investigation to verify whether the girl allergic to flowers.Just watch her in the park or garden, what flowers she admires and enjoys.
Impress your gift.For many girls great pleasure of receiving flowers can give attention to it will show in the form of donated surrounding colors.Give flower his girl in the office or in the evening when you meet her from the institute as well as to be seen colleagues, friends, relatives.Flowers - a kind of sign of care, attention, visual compliment girl , which is very nice to show others.
Give flowers with dignity and pride.Only then can you choose flower , which is not ashamed to give.Flower, packaged in plain paper should always be deployed before presenting girl .Never wear flowers in the package, briefcase or backpack.Never shy of its flavor and do not keep it casually, like a broom.Wear it with pride and respect, to girl , which you will give these flowers.