From the history of the holiday

The Gospel tells the story of how Jesus Christ, together with three of his disciples went up on a high mountain.There he began to pray, and his disciples fell asleep.And he dreamed, like in prayer suddenly shone like the sun, the face of Jesus Christ, and his clothes looked like pure white light.Talking quietly beside him stood Moses and Elijah.At this very moment, a voice from heaven sounded, he ordered the disciples to obey all over Jesus, the beloved Son of God.

Students seized with fear, and fell to the ground.Immediately they were approached Jesus and touched his hand, he said that they were afraid of nothing.Opening his eyes, no one but the disciples of Jesus did not see.

Modern theologians interpret th
is evangelical event as an indication of Jesus as Lord to the Prophet.For God did not have Moses and Elijah, and Christ, and thus commanded to obey him.

In Russia Church of the Transfiguration feast established only in the XVI century, is connected to another holiday - the second or the Apple Spas, the tradition of celebrating that existed for several centuries.

Spas related to another ancient tradition.The ruler of the Mesopotamian city Edes King Abgar was sick with leprosy, and none of the doctors could not help him.Then he decided to ask for the healing of Jesus Christ, the glory of the miraculous abilities which already resounded everywhere, and sent messengers to it.The Son of God at that moment could not attend Edes, but promised to help.

During the conversation with the messengers of Jesus Christ wiped his face with a towel, and tissue immediately imprinted his face.This miracle brought Abgar towel, and soon he felt relieved. Later, with the face of the image of the Savior has been written many icons.The most famous of them - the XI century Novgorod icon of the "Holy Face" or "Saviour on the canvas."

And after execution, and ascension of Jesus Christ to his order to the king Abgar came Apostle Fadey and cured the king of leprosy completely.So Jesus kept his promise.

healed King Abgar believed in Jesus Christ and converted to Christianity, and the miracle of the Savior face with a towel fastened above the main gate of Edesa.

Traditions celebration Apple Spas

The peasant folk calendar the feast of the Transfiguration is better known as the Second, Apple Spas.The celebration had its August 6, old style, today, August 19.On this day, many people associated signs and sayings. first Spas honey is called and celebrated on 14 August.And at the end of summer, the 29th, is celebrated the third Saviour, which is called walnut.

The people thought that was transformed with the Transfiguration of Our Savior and the weather.The second half of August in Russia called the young Indian summer.Day of the Transfiguration was made to finish ceremonial wires sunset.Girls sang farewell songs, watching the sun at sunset.So in Russia apart from the summer.

Until that day in peasant families did not eat any fruit except for vegetables, especially those relating to the prohibition of apples.Violation of this taboo was considered a great sin.Apples will certainly need to sanctify the day of the Transfiguration during the morning church service, and only then they could be there.