Since the onset of the Easter night, and for 40 days from the moment of the ritual takes place the so-called "holy kiss."When meeting people kiss each other three times with the words "Christ is risen!" In response "Truly He is risen!", While expressing joy that inspires this event in every Orthodox Christian.This apostolic tradition symbolizes love and universal forgiveness, in remembrance of the resurrection of Jesus Christ and his victory over death.
Modern communications allow congratulate the family members or friends who live at a distance, not only in the telephone conversation.They can please the music card, sent by e-mail or SMS greetings in verse.Sincere and heartfelt words will be the best in the Life-Giving compliments the Resurrection of Chri
st, filling the day the warmth of love and the power of the Christian faith and hope.
congratulating friends and family on Easter holiday, people are required to prepare all the gifts, and the chief was always painted egg, consecrated the church.It is a symbol of the resurrection of Christ from the moment that Mary Magdalene gave egg Roman Emperor Tiberius, bringing glad tidings about the event.
addition to the usual eggs, which eat at the banquet table, presented as gifts decorative items made of different materials that remain in the house for a long time and will be reminded of its beauty is well spent holiday.Porcelain, carved wood or just exquisitely decorated Easter eggs can always be found for sale on the eve of the holiday, or make your own crafts from scrap materials.
Can not do that day to visit relatives or friends without offerings fragrant and beautifully decorated Easter cake.He, too, is the oldest symbol of the resurrection of Christ and of God's presence throughout the world, his tireless care of all mankind.
Easter greetings and gifts to differ materially from those in any other, even a very significant day.They should be designed in national traditions and have a religious meaning.The offering price of the holiday does not matter, mainly gets its spiritual content.For adults, it can be a beautifully designed Bible cover, or other religious literature on the topic of Lives of the Saints.