you need
  • Wicker basket
  • Trim strips
  • Scraps
  • Fabric flowers
  • Yarn cotton
  • Remains yarn
  • Balloons
  • Universal adhesive
  • PVA glue in plastic bottle
Arrange the handle of the basket.If there is a sufficiently long piece of satin ribbon, you can simply wind the handle.All the handle cover is not required.It depends on the length of the tape.It is possible to make only a few turns, leaving gaps therebetween.The edges of the tape or glue to stick to the basket itself.If the tape is long enough, the edges of the ribbon tie to the handle.Places mounting decorate with artificial flowers.
Actually cart can be arranged in different ways.For example, to tie the edges and place of the bottom and sides with colored woolen threads.This requires a large needle with a wide eye.Thread the NITC in her usual way, tie a string to the cart so that the tip turned out to be hidden under the flower.Dragging a needle through the bars, the edge of the basket obsheyte loopy seam.This joint looks good, if there is a thick smooth skin.
on the sidewall of the basket do applique of flowers.It may be bulky Prefabricated flowers, but it can be made from the fabric.If you have a hand-colored tape, try to cut the petals out of it.
supplement composition can be a toy hen with chicks.Chicken made from two woolen balls white or melange yarn.Inflate two balloons, one more, another - less.Thread the needle and thread through the bottle of PVA glue, wrap the balls.Then pierce the balls and remove them.Woolen balls let dry, then glue them together.Scallop, eyes, legs, wings and a beak make of colored paper.Similarly, do the chickens.Toys plant in basket and place them around the Easter eggs.