Paint eggs .This is done three days before the celebration on Maundy Thursday.You can follow tradition and use for coloring onion peel or paint eggs manually decorate the iron-on transfers, beaded braid.The number of eggs, choose themselves - they accepted to give to friends and acquaintances and have a whole week after the light holiday.
If desired, you can sanctify painted eggs in the church.The procedure of the consecration of eggs, Easter cakes and goes on Holy Saturday preceding Easter.It is believed that such gifts prolezhat longer and do not deteriorate.Giving can be both sanctified and consecrated not eggs .
Sunday Hand painted egg loved one with the words "Christ is risen!".Received the egg as a present to answer you, "Truly He is risen!".
After that there is the Easter greeting - triple kiss on the cheek.The first Easter greeting should say the younger member of the family and responsible older.
If you are going to celebrate Easter on a visit, take a few eggs.Put them in a wicker basket on a napkin.There also can be put cake or Passover.Hand hostess gift, children can be given egg in hand and we exchanged Easter greetings.Since you are a guest, begin the first Easter greeting.
When traditional Easter greeting words spoken, you can make a genuine Russian fun with of eggs.Among these games - skating.The purpose of this fun - to get their eggs in the egg count, rolling up their groove on.It is also a favorite pastime of children at Easter is "beating eggs" - the exact impact need to break someone else's egg, retaining its safe.All the broken eggs need to eat.As for new amusements require new eggs , you can repeat the process of donation with the words "Christ is risen!", As the phrase praise the Lord.