Terms countdown celebration of Easter, adopted in the III century, is still in effect.Feast of Christ always celebrate on the first Sunday, when the lunar calendar day of the full moon comes, or comes to an end as soon as the spring equinox in the same day, but not earlier.Day of celebration of Easter can fall between March 21 until April 25, or if the count to lead the Gregorian calendar - April 4 - 8 May.
Consider the curious calculation of Orthodox Easter.The method defined by Alexandria Paschalion by calculating the following formula: Full Moon (Y) = 21 March + [(19 • [Y / 19] + 15) / 30], where Y - year for Easter determined.When dividing integers are used.If the value obtained from the formula (Y) &
lt;32, therefore, the date of the full moon will be in March, and when (Y) ≥ 32, then you need to deduct an additional 31 days, and thus determine the date of the month of April.
many count the day of Easter, starting from the first day of the onset of Lent, which lasts 48 days.But there is a mathematical way of calculating the date of Easter, with which you can calculate the days of Easter Week in the next few years.This method is the German scholar Karl Gauss is based on an algebraic formula.So, you need to divide the number of years, such as 1996 to 19. This residue will be called "a".Now divide 1996 by 4, the remainder is designated «b».Under the letter "c" - the residue formed by dividing 1996 by 7. Now you need to multiply by 19 "and" Get the rest of + 15. A divide by 30, and the response is recorded under the letter «d».Balance calculation (2 * b + 4 * c + 6 * d + 6) / 7 will be called «e».Finally, we calculate 22 + d + e, we get to determine the remainder of the day in March, and the answer to the calculation of d + e-9 is the number of Easter in April.Thus, for 1996 the Julian calendar date of Easter was April 1st.