One of the versions associated with Mary Magdalene.According to Biblical tradition, the day of the Resurrection of Christ, Mary Magdalene brought the egg to Emperor Tiberius with the words: "Christ is risen!" The fact that the court of the Emperor could not come without gifts.Rich brought precious things and precious things, and the poor were carrying what they could.Maria has had nothing to his name but a passionate faith in God.So she took one egg as a gift.Tiberius also declared her a liar, doubting that anyone can rise from the dead and said that it is impossible - just as white egg never turns red.And after these words, a miracle happened - white egg was blushing in front of everyone.Since then, painted in red color have become a symbol of Easter eggs.
Another version similar to the first, but it did not specify the identity of a woman with a basket of eggs, which, knowing that Jesus Christ rose from the tomb began to tell everyone about it on the street.Someone doubted it, she said that this can not be, and if so, then let the eggs in her basket blush.At this point, the eggs became bright scarlet.
many centuries Easter eggs painted it in red to symbolize the blood shed by Jesus on the cross.His blood atoned for the sins of the people.Red egg - a kind of image of new life: the shell is a coffin, within which new life is born.Make eggs red is very simple - you need to cook them together with onion skins.Occasion Easter eggs boiled on Maundy Thursday and set aside in a cool place until Sunday.
Nowadays, Easter eggs painted in all sorts of colors, thanks to a diverse and harmless food dyes.Also manufactured artificial Easter eggs - stone, crystal, porcelain and papier-mache.These eggs are often reminiscent of works of art - they are decorated with precious stones, gold and silver.Particularly beautiful and valuable masterpieces stored in various museums.
tradition to paint eggs for Easter is popular to this day, because it is the brightest Christian holiday.People exchange colored eggs with the words "Christ is risen!" - "Truly He is risen!" And then they kiss three times.At Easter, prepare a variety of delicious dishes, but the main decoration of the table, without a doubt, the colored eggs.