If you want to know the name day or angel, refer to the church calendar, or the calendar. Day Angela - following the birthday day of commemoration of the saint, whose name is Christian.So, for example, Anna, who was born on November 20, the day Angela is December 3 - ie,Next, after the birth of the day that comes to mind St. Anne, and its patron saint is great martyr Anna Persian.Previously, it was recommended that these days - a person's birth and holy memory - apart defended by no more than 40 days.But if these days do not have the memory of this saint, still choose a date near the time of birth.
Find out if it's possible, how you give a name.Often parents choose in advance the name for your baby, feeding the special love to whom any of the saints, and then the day
Angela no longer associated with the birthday.
In determining the date of Angela consider one more thing: the Council of Bishops in 2000 were glorified martyrs confessors of Russia.So if you were baptized before 2000, choose your saint of saints celebrated until 2000.For example, if your name is Catherine and you were baptized to the glorification of the New Martyrs, that your holy will be binding.Catherine.If you were baptized after the Council, choose St. Catherine data memory is closer to your birthday.
less used, but acceptable, and the tradition of selecting the name day, according to the day of celebration of the famous saint particularly revered, regardless of the proximity of the date of the birthday person.For example, if the child's name is Jaroslav and he was born on 2 October 2006, the day of his Angela be the date of March 5 when honored Yaroslav the Wise, canonized by December 8, 2005.