you need
  • - wedding or evening dress;
  • - photo or video from the wedding;
  • - projector with a screen;
  • - festive table and guests.
Preparation.Dramatize his wedding last year and remember the best moments of her.This will require a projector and screen on which are projected wedding photo or video during the celebration of the anniversary of the wedding .You also need to prepare a dress can be a wedding, veil and distribute the roles among the guests.Someone will employee registry office, and someone the witness and the witness.Perhaps witnesses will be those who played these roles at the wedding.Well, of course, prepare a rich ho
liday table and decorate the room.
process of marriage.Not to beat the (after all, it's still the first anniversary, not the wedding itself), act out some scenes, similar to the images on the screen.For example, you can show a chain of photo: dressing rings painted the bride and groom, witnesses painted, we employee registrar and so on, and you and guests at this time repeat the action on the screen.Everything else is superfluous to play.You can just add some elements: decorate the car, put on tape witnesses, to buy a wedding loaf and wine glasses.
your personal holiday.The only thing that it is desirable to reproduce the full - this wedding night.It all depends on your imagination: decorate the bed with rose petals, mix champagne in an ice bucket.Do not forget to beautifully admit its second half in love.Gifts can give each other when left alone.