you need
  • - nylon tape;
  • - balloons;
  • - live or artificial flowers;
  • - decorative wedding rings;
  • - boutonniere;
  • - wreaths, hearts of roses;
  • - dolls, bears.
Decorate the hood of the first car in the motorcade in exquisitely romantic style decor - white colors.On the bars reinforce huge (for the whole grid) white magnificent bow.To take a bow thick cloth, good to keep the shape.In the center, place the bow "with kissing doves nest": a nest can be a coiled cable with an insulation coating white pigeons figures should be of lightweight material.In order to "dilute" the white color, strengthen the center of the nest of a thin ribbon of green satin ribbon.
Strengthen seven thin s
atin ribbons on the bonnet, stretching out from the center of the lattice (from the bow) to the windshield and arranging them like a fan.On the tape, place the triangle has three "nest" of the coiled cable sections (each coil is attached to two, two and three belts, two spirals down, one on top).Under each spiral enclose two, two and three flower kala closer to attach the stems of the flowers buds to tapes.
Do not overload the car decorations, stick to the chosen style.In this case, the strict observance of white and green colors, gorgeous colors, "abandoned" on the hood of the car, to create a complete decoration and do not require any additions.
create an elegant and concise design of the head of the car: take two nylon fabric wide enough to cover the car's hood draped in the form.Tape length should be enough to stretch them from the hood through the side mirror on the edge of the windshield, and then through the center of the roof to the rear window and trunk.Thus, the belt should cross the car across from the hood to the trunk.
Fix the ribbon under the bonnet so that they cover the entire surface of the lamp lights up.Collect them in one spot and secure near the windshield, under the side mirror.Decorate the side mirror buttonhole of artificial flowers.Pull the ribbon of glass along a harness and then to the center of the roof, there will strengthen two wedding rings and also attach at the base rings bouquet.
Pull the tape along the rear glass, flatten the entire width and tighten the lid of the trunk.Decoration economical, easy to perform, at the same time, non-standard and beautiful.
used to decorate car motorcade dolls, teddy bears, balloons, hearts, ribbons and flowers.