you need
  • - paper;
  • - cardboard;
  • - needle;
  • - thread;
  • - adhesive;
  • - tissue;
  • - ribbons / lace / bead.
Determine desired paper size.It just depends on your preference.The size of sheets to be two times greater than the final size of the book.For example, for an album you need A5 A4 sheets.
paper weight should be about 120 g / m2.This paper does not warp density of glue, when you put in the book of wedding photos.Ink that will write wishes about shine and be imprinted on the next page.
Think of colors, which will be executed book.Traditional wedding albums are c
reated from materials pastel colors - choose paper beige, light blue, light green, and complement its slightly darker or contrasting cover.However, you can move away from the canons of the book and make a bright and unusual.
sheets of paper folded in half.Put them into each other for 3-5 pieces, forming a notebook.A stack of notebooks put under pressure for several hours (at least 2).Then remove them.At the bend of each block set point at an equal distance from each other and pierce holes with an awl.With the help of Gypsy needles and thread to sew a solid notebook by inserting a needle in a ready-made holes.Use stitch "forward needle".In the center of the notebook and its edges Thread the needle under the stitch adjacent notebook to connect them into a strong unit.
Ready trim the block on the edge.Draw a line, stepping back from the edge of 5 mm, attach a line of stationery with a knife and cut off the excess.At the same time, do not press on the knife.
From pastel paper or double-sided paper for scrapbooking cut bookends.They should be the size of an open book.Bend bookends in half along the fold line, apply adhesive and attach the plates to the first and last pages of the book.
Prepare the components for the cover of the book.From cardboard cut out two quadrangle that 1 cm above the pages of a book.To make root rectangular blank.Its height is the height of the cover.Width - the thickness of the paper crosslinked +3 mm.No cutting rectangle pririsuyte to it on the sides of the two strips 3 cm wide. Place their connections with the rectangle selling pen or pencil to root easily bent.
Stick to the spine cover.Depart from the bend spine 5 mm on the edge of the cover line apply.Thus, the workpiece will be collected at 5 mm protrude from the top, bottom, and right on the page of the book.
can start most creative stage.Obtyanite cover cloth.If you do book in a classic style, choose silk or cotton delicate pastel tones.Piece of fabric should be 3 cm longer and wider than the assembled cover.Wrap the edges of the fabric on the inner side, smoothen and secure with glue.On the front side of the glue or sew decoration in the form of flowers from silk ribbons, lace, beads.
Put a book in the cover and glue endpapers.Pages books garnish.Buy with floral stamps or any other delicate pattern.Decorate this pattern edges.The main area of ​​the pages do not overload the decor - they are filled with wishes.