To start, you need to make some decisions.Firstly, what colors you want to use in the bouquet?And, secondly, you have to decide how it will look bouquet.Round bouquets , decorated with ribbon and flowers in portbuketnitse - two of the most simple version.
Get portbuketnitse.It is usually made of white plastic and has a conical shape and is provided with a handle.Portbuketnitse has a built-in cone of floral sponge, a porous foam.
portbuketnitse Place the funnel down into a large dish with water.Hold the handle and slowly lower the portbuketnitse the bottom.This is necessary to impregnate the sponge with water.Portbuketnitse Remove from water and wipe dry.
Start to place flowers and foliage from the bottom of portbuketnitse, gradually moving upwards.
Take turns each flower and mentally
define his location in the bouquet before the cut stem.Decide what should be the height of the flowers in the bouquet, and then cut the stem at a very sharp angle at 3-5 cm more than the desired height.
Put flowers in the sponge 3-5 cm. If you want to rearrange the inserted flower, remove it, cut the stem again and move to another location.
you can make a cascading bouquet, adding to the bottom of portbuketnitse greens (such as ivy or fern) of different lengths.Then trim the it to the symmetrical appearance.
Make cuff at the place where the handle portbuketnitse connected to the conical portion.Use a silk or satin ribbon 5cm wide. Add a few pearls for decoration.
to compile without portbuketnitse wedding bouquet, you can choose different colors, but the less they will be, the easier it is to gather a bouquet.Select up to three types of flowers and fasten them with wire and tape.