are going to get married right after the wedding, you can use the dress in which the plan to register the marriage in the registry office.This option is quite convenient for those who want to save.In this case, choose a dress with covered shoulders and shallow neck.At the church ceremony the bride is necessary to close the shoulders, arms, head.
If you buy two dresses: a wedding and the wedding, at the wedding, choose a dress below the knee or very long, which is more preferable.The color of the dress should be light.Suitable white, cream, light pink, light blue-colored matter.But not purple or dark green.
By the texture of fabric Church does not impose any particular c
laim, therefore, the material may be any dress, but not transparent.
As women go to church with her head covered, the bride and do not bypass these rules.During the wedding ceremony the bride is necessary to cover the head veil, scarf, stole, or wear a hat.
Earlier brides were not allowed to get married in frank dresses, today went to the church to meet the newlyweds and allows brides to be in dresses with bare shoulders, frank neckline.In this case, use a veil to cover the shoulders, chest and thin scarves, are in addition to the wedding together and acting as accessories.
The sleeveless dress wear gloves to hide the bare hand.Get gloves up to the elbows.
you can buy dress with a train, but do not think that is a tribute to the traditions of the Orthodox Church.The bride in a dress with a train, which are small children, looks quite solemn, but this tradition has come to us from Catholic Europe.