If you are a witness, your clothes should be stylish, beautiful.Try to dress in harmony and a style, and the color of the bride's dress.But, of course, the thing should not overshadow the bride outfit.Therefore, even if your wardrobe has amazingly beautiful, magnificent ball gown, carefully consider whether or not to wear it to the wedding.It is better to confine more modest attire.Discuss this question in advance with the bride and her closest relatives, especially if the wedding dress is read
Suit witness does not have to match the color and style of the costume of the groom.It is also desirable to make it look clearly more luxurious.Of course, the main attention will be focused on the wedding to the bride and groom but should not feel on the sidelines.
Women should dress for the wedding based on its taste, features, age and characteristics of the figure.Only one strict rule: Avoid white, as this day it is the privilege of the bride.But, of course, the dark colors - black, dark gray, dark brown - are unlikely to be appropriate at the wedding.And bright red color will look too provocatively.It is better to stop your choice on the clothes of moderate colors such as beige, pink, green, etc.
Too long dresses certainly interfere dance.Therefore it is necessary to wear a knee-length dress (available below) or pantsuits.Put the most appropriate shoes based on the same dance program.Shoes should be matching clothes, comfortable and high-heeled shoes.Of course, you also need to pick up jewelry and handbag.
men in this regard is much easier.If the wedding will take place in the winter, it is best to wear a suit of dark colors (gray or blue).Black color is better not to use.During warmer months, you can come to the wedding in a light gray suit.The shirt should be light, combined with the color of the costume.The perfect shoes - comfortable black shoes.
Some men, especially not love ties, the question arises: Do I have to wear this "noose", or you can do without it?You can not wear, but given the solemnity of the event, the man is better to come to the wedding in a tie.