mass of options.The easiest and most popular - converts a bottle of champagne with the help of the original label, which will be found easily on the Internet.Just do not forget - the pattern you like the label is not necessarily suited to the shape of your bottle.
To solve this problem you need only the initial knowledge of Photoshop.Driving the next - to the existing bottle of champagne torn off (be careful not to damage the edges), all labels are pasted on a blank sheet of paper of A4 size, in this form are run through the scanner - and you're lucky enough to own a ready template for future wedding labels.
remains through Photoshop to combine the sele
cted label with the scanned image, print, using self-adhesive paper and decorate the result of their labors wedding champagne.Of course, nothing prevents you to invent your own label design.
However, wedding labels - is not the only way to decorate a bottle of champagne.Have you heard about the technique called decoupage?Elegant design, made with acrylic paints to decorate the wedding is able to bottle as good as any smart labels.Indeed, in this case, originality and uniqueness is guaranteed to you.
This is not the limit!Imagine a wedding champagne ... You can wear!In specialty stores, you can easily look for a wedding dress and the groom and the bride's wedding dress.Do not forget the accessories - a hat, a butterfly, veil, tie, boutonniere.And in any case, do not try to save on materials - cheap fabric only spoil the view of the festive bottles.
Do not be afraid to dream!Let the wedding bottles impress all guests and will remain forever in the memory of today's newlyweds like a real symbol of the future happy life together!