you need
  • white candles of different sizes (they can also be done by hand), white, light pink, beige, silver and purple satin ribbons of different thicknesses, rhinestones and beads, satin fabric, lace, glasseschampagne, adhesives for glass, stained glass paint.
One of wedding table decorations are candles.They are also used on some of the celebrations for the creation of the rite of the family hearth.Make a beautiful candle with your hands is quite simple.Buy a shop white candles of various shapes, lengths and thicknesses.You can also make them yourself.To do this, you need the old candles that simply crumble, then melt the wax or paraffin and pour into a mold, which must first be inserted into the wick.You can make interesting candles color mixing white, purple, pink and silver, or paraffin wax.
Tie bows on the candles of a thin satin ribbon, decorate them with strands of rhinestones or beads and lace.You can also make an interesting pattern of crystals, sticking them to the candle.
You can make interesting candle holders out of old glasses of champagne.To fabricate this paper stencil with the image of a lily or rose buds, hearts, swans and pigeons.Then stick it to the glass and paint stained glass paint.After drying, remove the stencil and draw the contour of the image silver gel.Then decorate with glass sequins and ribbons and place on the bottom of his candle.You can also make glasses for the bride and groom.
Try to make a cushion for the rings, which will be useful in the registry office.To do this, sew a small rectangular or square bag of satin fabric white, beige or pale lilac color, remove it with cotton or synthetic padding tamp, and then carefully sew.On the perimeter, attach the beautiful lace that adorned the future pillow and hide the seams.In the center or a corner of the pillow sew bow of a thin satin ribbon and decorate with sequins and beads accessory.You can also sew the top good wishes and congratulations to the young.
decorate the room where the wedding will take place, will help rosettes of openwork ribbons and satin fabric.To make buds, you simply twist the tape, sew bottom and top of the spread.From fabric rosettes made as easy: put on a flat surface of a small square patch, press the center of his fingers, rotate the edge until a bud, and then fasten it with thread.From the tissue and mesh can be made and other colors.Decorate resulting buds ribbons, sequins and beads and attach them to the curtains and lay on the wedding table.