course, except for the housing must be primarily to decorate the entrance, and mask some unpleasant nuances.This can help starched gauze, decorated with all sorts of drawings and hearts made of colored paper or foil, Trailers it all on double-sided tape.Perhaps hung at the entrance of the balloons, which will be all sorts of suggestions, addressed to young people.
next step will ornament the front door, it may hang the pretty cloth, it can hang all sorts of posters, or simply to decorate a
Christmas tree garland door.In the hallway you can build a map that will show all the lives of the young, before and after the meeting, you can decorate a poster hearts and photos.
the apartment can be decorated with beautiful balloons, currently on sale there are many varieties of balls that will look great in any room.The balls have a volume and colorful appearance, which in itself will be reminded of the holiday.It is also possible to build a ball of wicker rings or hearts that can be attached to the walls of the rooms.You can also prepare a surprise, poured into a bowl shiny confetti and inflate it.At the right moment to pierce the ball over the heads of the young and brilliant fall on them rain.The easiest way to decorate the house is filling balloons with helium or hydrogen, and send them to the free guy.
also very nice and beautiful to decorate the room will look flowers.Maybe just put a large vase bouquets and put them in the corners of rooms, no matter what they interfere with the movement.We must not forget that flowers should be present at the festive table.It is also decorated with flowers and tables on each side, hung on the empty seats tablecloth garlands of flowers - such clearance will be very colorful and pleasing to the eye.
There are ornaments of woven fabrics.Such decoration suitable for all rooms and halls.Perhaps hanging fabric under the ceiling or on the wall, which can give the room an air look and change it beyond recognition.Another excellent option is furniture decoration cloth.Magnificent tablecloth that will decorate the table.The variant selection tablecloths, which will lie on a table smoothed, and the ends hanging off the table, will be in the form of draperies.In the same version you can decorate and chairs designed for newlyweds and witnesses.The backs of chairs can be decorated with colored ribbons, which give beauty and magnificence.