is very important to prepare for the golden wedding, when the surprise will be pleasant not only by the jubilee, but the whole family.
should be defined in advance with the venue of the festival.This anniversary is best spent in the restaurant.This greatly simplifies the task and you will eliminate the hassle.
All the concerns related to the festival are distributed among the children and grandchildren of anniversaries.
Make a guest list and send invitations to prepare them.Do this for two or three weeks before the holiday.Be prepared f
or the fact that, for whatever reason, some of the guests will not be able to come to the anniversary.Again, verify the number of invited people before ordering dinner in the restaurant.
Do not miss out of the spotlight, in the preparation of the festival, every detail is important.Pre-negotiate with the chef and the menu sequence of serving dishes on the holiday table.On the table should be an array of delicacies, fruits and sweets.Take care of a good wine.
Decorate the room with fresh flowers, balloons, tinsel, posters with pictures of heroes of the occasion and bright festive canvas.The main colors of the holiday: the gold and red.These colors soak all the other items, such as curtains, tablecloths and napkins for the table.
script golden wedding must be interesting.Include a variety of entertainment for anniversaries and for the whole family.Pick music festival, prepare the games and various competitions.Pobespokoytes on to all the guests at the party was fun.This is really important and joyful celebration that gathers the whole family at the celebration.
fiftieth anniversary should be celebrated in the circle of relatives, who in turn give spouses of gold, jewelery or just things with gold.Gifts of gold must teach children.In this way they show their love for their parents.