you need
  • - witness the bride;
  • - bridesmaids.
Think about how you would like to see the bride price.It is not necessary to use it for the standard scenario of how many weddings.It is better to come up with my friends and witnessed it themselves.Do something original, that for a long time to remember all the guests and future husband.
Preparation redemption start with a small selection of tasks, contests, inventing rhymes about the bride and groom.Remember that the main task of redemption is not to rob the groom and his witness, and to arrange a small theatrical performance.Therefore, pay in the preparation of the script much attention jokes, dances, songs, costu
mes, scenes and festive decorations.
Well, calculate the approximate time required for the passage of the groom of a test.Also, decide in any case, how the competition will be sacrificed, if it does not meet the calculated time.
Be kinder to the groom in the selection competitions.Please note, your betrothed can perform such a task or not.Otherwise, all the solemn moment can be broken, and the young man will come to the registrar tired mentally and physically.It is not necessary to include in the script competitions with water, flour and other stain, loose products.
negotiate with the bride and the witness in advance all competitions, all the tests were completed adequately.Help prepare for the redemption of all necessary.Write a list of things with which the groom will pay off when the job will be done incorrectly.