Bride - is the queen of the celebration.That it should be focused attention.Therefore, your outfit should be around the more modest than her.Ask what will the bride dress, and think about how to dress, so as not to overshadow his appearance girlfriend.It is not necessary to dress for the wedding too sexy, too luxurious or extravagant.Avoid all sorts of excesses.
If you are invited as a witness, you will agree with the young, what should be the style of your dress, what colors to stick to it, so that it is well in tune with the clothes the bride and groom.The same applies to witnesses and costume.
Observe the dress code.Usually, the invitations emphasizes this point.But if specific instructions on this point, then you can be free to choose.However, your suit should be accorded the level of celebration: a beautiful and elegant.
Try to find out the weather forecast for your friend's wedding date.From this, too, will depend on your choice of attire.Dress for the weather, especially if you plan to picnic.And custom photographed against local attractions include an open-air, too, has not been canceled.
By the choice of shoes should not be taken lightly, because you will have the whole evening (or even daily) dance, fun contests and games.We'll have to walk a lot and stay at the wedding ceremony, and during a photo shoot.In addition to match your dress or suit, shoes should be comfortable and even to your mood was not spoiled by annoying calluses.New shoes times must carry.
Recently in Russia during weddings are increasingly used by Western traditions.One of them is the tradition of the bridesmaids wearing exactly the same dress (or dresses of the same color).If you are invited to the wedding such as a girlfriend, try to observe as much as possible the conditions that the bride makes to your outfit.
How to dress for
Another amusing trend is themed wedding.For example, a wedding in cowboy style, in the style of the 20s, in the style of a literary work, etc.This is also required to warn the invitation.Try to be creative and enthusiastic approach to the creation of the image expected of you.
Summing up the above, we can distinguish the basic requirements to be met by a wedding guest dress: elegance and beauty, modesty, appropriateness, solemnity, friendliness and the weather.Oh, and one more thing: do not forget to dress in a good mood, because the mood of the guests (and best friend - especially!), Too, will largely depend on the success of the celebration.