you need
  • - 40 round balls
  • - scaffold 6 m
  • - hand pump
  • - scissors
Take the line length for two - three metersmore than would be the length of your garland.Then pull it horizontally with both ends fix.Thus, you get an axis garlands.
Now inflate the first ball and hold it with your fingers ponytail.Do the same thing with the second ball.Now take them so that the tails crossed, and wrap around each other.
Tie the tails ready balls , thereby you get the combination of two balls.Connect the centers of two ligaments ready so that you make a cross.Then tighten the two balls - one side, and then you will have a bunch of four balls .
Put four on the line taut.Two balls twist around a fishing line.
Now inflate four thing
s and do them the same operation as the first quartet balls .If you have a multi-colored balls, then placing them on the line, alternating colors.
Now firmly push the ligament four balls so between them remained free space.
When all four balls strung on the line, we can assume that the garland is ready.You just have to move garland to the center and the ends of fishing line tied in a loop.Now you can fix garland , linking it to the place you want to decorate.