First of all, you need to find out what it takes most of the funds.During the wedding event the main expenditure items are: the wedding dress of the bride and groom's tuxedo;eat banquet hall and dressing;Payment wedding dinner for the guests, which is often not enough.
So, to reduce the cost of the celebration is just a start of the list.First of all, a wedding dress and tuxedo.Believe me, look like a prince and princess on their wedding day is not necessary, the main thing - to feel so.Therefore, we can choose the most simple dress and suit the desired colors.Sometimes a simple style looks elegant and better pompous crinolines.
following issues more sensitively.It all depends on the number of people invited to the wedding .It is possible to coll
ect only their relatives and closest friends.Of course, we must remember that someone might be offended and prepare lists in advance.
and when this problem is solved, it remains the most simple and at the same time the most difficult: to find a place to celebrate the triumph.If the guest list is not more than 20 people, it is possible to hold the event at home or at home with friends.If the number of people exceeded 20, you should think about removing the dining room.It is much cheaper to order a cafe or restaurant banquet hall.There is also an alternative - to celebrate the wedding outdoors (cottage, river, etc.).
As for room decoration, all you can do with your hands.Instead, use simple decoration balloons and fresh flowers (not necessarily expensive) and satin ribbons.Just start to prepare for the wedding reception in advance.
also help to save the use of personal vehicles, not custom-made limousines.When there is no vehicle of their own, are often asked to neighbors on the porch.In such cases rarely denied.And instead of Toastmasters, ask to prepare music competitions and their friends.Let the evening will conduct some of the guests and not alone.It is more convenient if the people will change.Then everyone will have fun.