Tip 1: How to present a gift to the wedding

Going to a wedding celebration for friends or relatives, many have difficulty, what and how to give the newlyweds.In most cases, a couple of warning guests that it is better to hand over the money.But in this case there is a choice: just put the envelope on a tray or a gift to present so many years after the wedding, the young smiling remembering your speech.
If you decide to just give the money in an envelope, learn in advance toast - good emotional speech about how long have you known the couple, how much good you have brought the bride and groom.But do not get carried away with memories and do not tighten his speech.Boring will tire long monologues and guests and honeymooners.
Remove the clip on the topic "What would happen if they were not met."And even if the couple will know in advance the idea and participate in the filming, to see that in the end it turned out, it will be very interesting.And your display can be one of the memorable moments of the festival.And in the
end you can lead gradually to the present - money - and say that you are glad they met and giving the money to the sweet honeymoon.Give handcuffs joke that they never parted, or horseshoe - fortunately, funny domovenka - the guardian of the family hearth.At least, the first time these items will be exactly occupy the place of honor in the house.
lot when handed the money, it is advised that they can buy, and give hints-related items: symbolic wheel - to buy a car, young, straw hat and the bride - to rest only in the Bahamas.Diversify this point, staging comic themed lottery in which everyone can participate.For example, if you give money to travel, let get every particle of the sea: in-law - soap with sea smell, and the younger sister of the bride - shell.But, of course, the grand prize - money - a young family.
If you still have purchased young correct gift , take care of the beautiful elegant packaging for it.You can think of (or search online) interesting poem - a riddle about your thing, about its importance for a young family, useful qualities, stick a label with interesting photos of the bride and groom or dress up as a postman and give Pechkin holiday "package".

Tip 2: How much money to give to the wedding

Surely some of you being invited to the wedding wondered about choosing a gift.It is safe to assume that the choice has fallen on the money, since the majority of the invited guests as a present is selected them.
How much money to give to the wedding

How to calculate the minimum amount of money for a wedding gift

Undoubtedly, choosing as a gift for the wedding money urgently raises the question of the amount.How much money is better to present a gift to newlyweds?Some clear answers and precise amounts not, it all depends on many factors, for example, where the couple live, you are just friends or relatives, and if the relatives, as far as you are close to them.First, however, the amount present is determined based on the financial capacity of the donor.

If the couple lived in a small village or a small town, and one thousand rubles may seem like a good amount, but for the residents of regional towns such a gift can be very modest. in Russian cities from one person is quite normal to give about two or three thousand, and from a couple of - 4-6 thousand rubles.

Since the level of prices in major cities such as Moscow and St. Petersburg is different, it would be nice to raise the bar to 5-15 thousand rubles and more.Ukraine usually give 1-2 thousand hryvnia, and you can give a 500, if a relative is not very close.In small towns often give the minimum amount - 100 hryvnia. minimum amount may give fellow classmates, distant relatives and neighbors.

learning about how much it will cost per person wedding party, and multiplying it by half, it is possible to calculate the minimum cash gift.Of course, everyone has different costs for the wedding: one boat or rent a house outside the city, while others celebrate a family in a cheap and cozy cafe or even at home.

wedding with relatives

wedding favorite niece, who grew up before your eyes - not a reason to save, the minimum amount you can give to his nephew, if you have seen him several times in his life.Brothers and sisters as possible can give 10-15 thousand rubles, and the children and grandchildren - all that has been accumulated for this significant event.

Gift parents, one of the unspoken rules must be significantly greater than the amount invested most generous guest as a gift.My cousin, who recently became a mother, can hardly be isolated from the family budget more than three thousand, but my uncle is able to give a solid favorite nephew even 50 thousand rubles, allowing himself a gesture.

In the case of severe financial difficulties, concerning the amount of the gift does not even need to worry, knowing that the person is not currently in a position to afford to donate a large sum of money, it is unlikely someone will condemn.You can cheat a little bit, so that after the wedding is not a stranger to stay "on the beans', and take with the greatest amount you can donate and see how many other guests will be presented, probably you do not have to give all the money.