you need
  • - Wedding loaf;
  • - glasses;
  • - wine;
  • - icon;
  • - towel;
  • - salt shaker with salt.
young must go to the parents.Guests greeting the newlyweds , should stand on either side of the road, forming a corridor.Newly married couples should cross himself three times and bow to their parents in gratitude for the blessings that they were given re wedding.One of the parents must keep in the hands of the icon, and the other - a loaf of bread.Typically, the mission entrusted to the groom's parents, who by custom take the bride to his house.
loaf with salt should be based on the new rushnyk, salt - in a silver shake
r.It is connected with the old Russian proverb: "One only salt on the table - this is for better and for poverty.If the bread and salt together - is for wealth and fertility. "Young both break off a piece of loaf and dipped it in the salt.If the wife is the first piece of a broken loaf, it will rule in the house, if the husband and try to surpass his or her piece will be larger, it will become head of the family.A simultaneous break-off, according to legend, symbolizing the harmony and coherence.
to meet spouses parents prepare new beautiful wine glasses, of which no one saw.They put on a big dressing, next - red wine or champagne, a symbol of a sweet married life.Young take the glasses, filling them with a drink while listening to words of encouragement from their parents.The couple crossed right hands, holding their glasses and drained the contents in one gulp.It symbolizes the beginning of the interweaving of destinies and honeymoon.Then the newlyweds unfold over the left shoulder and forcefully throw glasses on the ground.However, today is the last step is optional, and hand-painted wine glasses left in memory of the wife.
Ceremonial part is over.Now all the young forward pass and pass them in the hall for the festive table.Parents and guests can toss coins at his feet newlyweds, corn, candy, on the head - flower petals, confetti.