Tip 1: How to organize your own wedding

Wedding - a significant event.For many it is a once in a lifetime.Therefore, its organization, and the more independent, needs to be thought through very carefully.
First, make a plan for a wedding.He will be a starting point.They indicate the number of guests, whether you rent a restaurant or Treat come home, if you plan to visit attractions, etc.Detailed descriptions of all the items you'll see ,null, what contractors need to attract and how much will it cost about the entire organization.
If you are planning a large number of visitors, it is better to lease the restaurant.To do this, find a suitable room that can accommodate the required number of people.Contact your administrator and ask for the order to calculate the approximate cost for one person.Ask whether an amount of alcohol in this.This is usually the most costly item of expenditure.Asked to bring their own drinks, so you will save a decent budget.
consider additional transport for guests.This is especially
true if for an extensive program with sightseeing.Not necessarily seat all guests on holiday in limousines.One - two - for the most important people and the bride and groom will be enough.The rest can be placed in a minibus.They are very convenient and much cheaper rental.Enclose pre-contract with a transport company, which specify deadlines for cars, their number and color.
4 Arrange the shooting with a professional photographer and operator.These pictures and the film will take its rightful place in the release of the couple and their video library.Then a shot of the happy faces of lovers will be treated children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren.For fans of a soap holders better not to go.It can hopelessly spoil the impression of the past celebration.

Tip 2: How to organize your holiday home

House rest are not the only place where you can spend a vacation, but also a great way to improve your health.That is why quite popular sector of tourist services are private holiday homes, motels and hostels.The organization of this business will require some effort, but the expected return is worth it.
How to organize your holiday home
you need
  • - a contract of sale or lease of the building;
  • - a building permit;
  • - license;
  • - staff;
  • - program for recreation.
Determine whether you will build a house of rest "from scratch" or buy a ready infrastructure.Remember that the location does not always play a decisive role in Russia's pricing policy.Therefore, for example, in Moscow, some of the existing resorts are more expensive than those near Sochi, or less than near St. Petersburg.
Choose the most suitable place for a holiday.According to experts of recreational geography, it must be located at the junction of the three types of landscapes - plains, water and dismembered (hilly, mountain).It turns out that the ideal place is the foothills of the river.Holidaymakers can swim and walk on the plain and admire the mountains.
Purchase of land, if you plan to build a house of rest "from scratch".Land owner must submit your legal documents and a certificate of ownership on it, and the cadastral passport.If all the papers are in order, issue the contract of sale and purchase and transfer the deposit to the owner.The contract must contain details of the parties and other information about the site (location, category of land cadastral number, area, type of use and ad valorem).
conclude with the owner of the lease, if you have to take the equipped building.Register act of acceptance and transfer or sale transaction with the tax authorities and the Federal Registration Service.Paper and agreement on the ground, as well as identity documents (and your previous owner of the land), pass the Uniform Information Clearing Center (EIRTS) or the Office of the Federal Registration Service (FRS).Within a month, you will be officially handed over ownership of the land.
obtain a building permit if you need it.Issuing authority of local government and the municipality.You need to submit documents such as statement, a copy of the certificate of ownership of land, cadastral plan of the site and design of the house and neighboring buildings in duplicate with the circuit connection to engineering networks.The resolution shall be signed by the chief architect of the district (city) and approved by the head of the district, town or other municipality.
Register venture.Imagine the licensing authority of residence necessary constituent documents, which include a diploma, certificate of primary specialization certificates of conformity.You will also need a copy of the employment record and proof of work experience in the medical field.This is necessary if you plan to carry out medical procedures.Preparation of license usually does not take more than 30 working days.
Organize premises pension in accordance with the sanitary rules and regulations SanPiN special attention to the food unit.It must comply with the requirements of sanitary maintenance and food preparation, as specified in the existing sanitary regulations for catering.
recruitment.Depending on the type of institution you may need both engineering and medical workers.In the health business are highly valued services endocrinologist, cardiologist, ENT, gynecology, and even surgery.All employees should have higher or vocational education, according to the requirements and types of services, and work experience of at least 5 years.
Calculate the number of days in each race for vacationers and make a program for the duration of their stay.Place it on your institution's website on the Internet.The program should have a specific purpose, especially when opening the resort.Clients must provide adequate medical examination and treatment.If vacationers will be pleased with the service provided, it quickly spread information about your institution.
Helpful Hint
Also, make a plan for cost estimates.Then it will be clear, you are able to pay for their own ceremony or have to ask for a loan.