decide to start with what gift you would like to do: one that is suitable only your sister, or one that is useful to a young family as a whole.
If you stick to the first option, you can choose the thing that stays in the bride a long memory about you and wedding.For example, buy for her beautiful jewelry: earrings, chain or bracelet.This gift will be very good, if you know the tastes and preferences of the bride.If you are not sure what to choose, you can give her sister a certificate for the purchase of jewelry.
If you and your sister have some special for the two of you time in your life, or a tradition, give her the thing that will remind her of this, because soon she will become a member of a new family, and keep away from yo
u,such as touching a present will always remind her of you and of her childhood.
Organize a holiday for her sister after the holidays and give her a certificate to the spa salon or beauty salon.
the wedding often presented such gifts that will be useful for the life of a young family.If you too have decided to buy for my sister something like that, as far as possible in advance to arrange with other guests not to get two of the same gift.It is best to give some appliances, it is always useful on the farm, and money to buy such a pretty expensive things sometimes can not be, especially in young families.If this option does not suit you, you buy the couple a set of high-quality rugs made of natural wool, or any thing for the house.
If you have sufficient financial means or can chip in with other relatives and friends, buy a ticket to the newlyweds honeymoon - such a gift, they just remember for a lifetime and will be very grateful.Choose a romantic tour, these services are now available in some of the larger agencies.
good gift can be and beautifully designed wedding album or a large frame for the first joint photo spouses.You can also give them a cushion, pillows or service, which will be posted photos loving couple.
Think maybe your sister about something and wanted to tell you their dreams come true.If possible, try to pull it off, because the wedding - it's a beautiful day, and in order to please the bride should try.
Do not forget to complement the gift of a beautiful postcard and a bouquet of flowers.If you want your flowers stand out from the crowd and also remembered her sister, make an unusually elegant bouquet.It can be in the form of the heart, and some florists are able to create true sculptures of flowers.The figure in the form of swans white carnations, daisies, roses and lilies perfect for weddings.If you can not order this rather expensive gift or you can not find a specialist who can help you in any flower shop can arrange a beautiful basket of flowers.This gift will not only memorable, but also useful, because the basis for such a bouquet can be used to independently make beautiful flower arrangements.