For starters, think about how you would like to make the repayment.For his conduct it is not necessary to use the standard script used at many weddings.Think of it yourself with the help of her friends and witnesses.Do something unusual that will be remembered for many years to your future husband, and all the guests.
Begin to prepare the ransom with the selection of tenders, small jobs and inventing rhymes about groom and bride.Do not forget that the objective is not to rob the redemption witness and groom , and arrange a theatrical presentation.Therefore, in the preparation of the script should be paid great attention to the songs, dances, skits, costumes and make lots of festive decorations.
Properly calculate the approximate time required for passage groom each test, as well as in any case, decide which of the competitions will be sacrificed if you do not get to keep within the allotted time.
When selecting tenders necessarily think about the groom.All they have to take into account whether your narrowed to perform a particular task, otherwise you can ruin the whole solemn moment, and to the registrar of a young bride arrive tired both morally and physically.
Imagine your beloved will feel and look at their performance.Do not include a scenario difficult competition with water, flour and other bulk products, as the groom can get dirty and stay dirty.
discuss in advance with your loved ones all the competitions that in the future he could adequately pass all the tests.Help him prepare everything necessary for the repayment, write him a list of things that will be needed to pass the test.With their help, the groom will pay off for not correctly completed task.
Include ransom questions , who did not make the young man for a long time to think and he can easily give them the right answer.