wedding traditions exchange wedding rings allegedly came up with the Egyptians.The round shape of the ring - a symbol of eternity, endless happiness and love between spouses.Therefore, the ring should choose a round shape, no fancy patterns and rough ornament.
According wedding omens unfavorable days of marriage are considered to Wednesday and Friday.The best day - Saturday and Sunday.
the morning of the wedding the bride should not see the bride, otherwise the marriage will not be successful.In today's world, the bride must spend the night before the wedd
ing at home parents, or even in another room, if the young are already living together.
old shoes bride will bring good luck in family life - to the wedding will take heed even our grandmothers.Because it is recommended before the wedding day to be like new shoes, preparations for the wedding.If you break a heel, family life "limp" will.
bad luck wedding - drop the wedding ring before putting it on his finger.If this happens, then threaded through the ring thread harvested.It will bring the bad omens.Threads after registration burn, saying, "burn, fire, my troubles and sorrows."Burns dropped her thread ring.
According to yet another wedding will take, the groom stepped into a puddle in front of the home of the bride - to live with her drunkard.
Touch the rings bride and groom at a wedding - so at their wedding a walk soon.
Beautiful wedding sign: if the wedding tape tie two bottles of champagne and drink it - the couple celebrate their wedding anniversary the birth of their first child.
before marriage bride to her sister soon married, should pull the tablecloth, which covered the table.
young go way - to deprive them good luck in life.Therefore, the witness and the witness should go ahead (half-step) young.
In Russia has always been rich autumn weddings.Not only because of the abundant harvest, but also because of the good omens wedding: married November 4 - the day of Our Lady of Kazan - to be happy in marriage.