The easiest way to "pack" Gift bills - is to buy a special card "for the money" - essentially the same envelope, but beautifully decorated.Gift wrapping can be done on their own, decorating an ordinary envelope applique, pattern, bows or ribbons.
If the idea of ​​a beautiful envelope seems trivial to you - you can come up with innovative ways of packaging.For example, wrap the money silk cloth, tie a ribbon and put in a small box or gift box.You can pack each bill separately, turning its tube and decorated with a bow - or placed in separate small envelopes of multi-colored paper, written on each envelope kind words.
as packaging for the "cash gift" you can use a purse, wallet, or even children's piggy bank.Simply place the notes inside - and giving is not "just money", and "purse".At the same time as the "application" to
the money can act virtually anything.For example, take a small plush toy, hang around her neck a bag of bills - and announce the hero of the festivities that are giving him a "cash hare", which will bring financial success.
If your cash gift - a "target" (ie, it is assumed that gifts to use this money for any particular purchase), you can beat it in the design of your show.For example, if you give money to a new mobile phone - bills can be put in a handbag for a cell;and "target fee" for the purchase of kitchen furniture to place in a beautiful teapot.