Bouquet is an important symbol of the wedding ceremony.This expression using colors sincerity and completeness of feelings for his beloved fiance.The groom chooses flowers for the wedding bouquet personally, trying to pick them up not only to the wedding dress, and external appearance of the bride, but also to emphasize the dignity of his beloved, perfectly highlight its character.Bridegroom, as a rule, supported by experienced florists, and sometimes the bride herself.

According to established custom, the groom presents his bride's bouquet immediately after redemption of the future spouse.The adoption of her wedding bouquet from him once again confirms its consent to marry him.

During the ceremony bouquet is in the hands of the bride.After the end of the holiday she turned
her back to the audience guests, throws his unmarried friends.According to the sign, it is the one that will catch the symbolic thing, soon to be married.Caught wedding bouquet she will store up to his wedding.

tradition of the bride giving her a bouquet of her friends has deep roots.In the Middle Ages in Europe is usually torn flap of the wedding dress in the hope that it will become a talisman and will quickly married his owner.After the wedding dresses have become expensive and luxurious attire, they were carefully stored and transmitted by inheritance.The flap is replaced leg garter, and later turned into a bouquet.

In Russia, the bouquet after the wedding, the bride passed "happiness" to their unmarried friends.For this she was blindfolded and the girls, running around her dance, expect when it random colors give any of them.

Nowadays, many couples do not want to make a lot of noise around this tradition.It is either omitted entirely, and the bride cherishes her wedding bouquet, or a couple of orders a bouquet understudy especially for unmarried friends.There are used a variety of techniques and experience florists to provide basic security in the bouquet toss her friends: cut off the spikes, use different colors, woven synthetic materials.

Sometimes bridal bouquet after the triumph of the bride gives away the flower of her friends, but most of the wedding bouquets kept as a relic, because it is - a gift to a spouse on your wedding day, keeping his love.

If you are the happy owner of the bride's bouquet, and it is made of natural colors, to dry his head bowed down in a dark and warm place.After it dries, make a wish of his own future wedding, get him to a secluded place and wait.Artificial bouquet will remind you of the wedding of a friend, interesting customs and your wish.It can be placed as ekibanu, find a suitable place.