Think advance registration of all celebrations.Candles - though small decorative element, but they should be in harmony with the interior of the hall, and with design wedding table.Candles should harmoniously complement it all.If your wedding has some specific themes (sea, for example), the candles should emphasize this theme.
Draw a sketch of the future of candles in accordance with the general design of the hall.Think about what you need to perform design and stocks of decorative materials.
Melt candle unnecessary.The resulting liquid paraffin will glue for jewelry.Pour the wax into a deep bowl or saucepan.Remember that it hardens very quickly, so you need a very fast, or it co
nstantly warm.
Dip in melted candle wax hot stick and begin the necessary details - shells, stones, beads, etc.Let the wax harden.
Mould candle alone with the addition of decorative elements.This option is ideal if you, for example, decided to steal candles dried flowers.For this you need a form for candles, which can be purchased at art shops and stores for creativity.
Melt the right amount of wax, pour it flowers or something else, in the form of, insert the wick and fill there paraffin.Allow to cool.
can do and gel candles.In this case, all the decorative elements will be visible, as if they were in a glass flask.For this you need the gel, and melted glass container candles.
Try to make the wedding candles in scrapbooking style.To do this, make a beautiful figure stamp print on tissue paper, cut out the resulting figure.Use the glue stick to glue the pictures monochromatic candle, wrap with waxed paper and heat.Then decorate with candles little satin ribbons and beads.