Why do we need witnesses to the wedding

From ancient times in Russia was opened the mandatory presence of witnesses (cronies and groomsmen) at the wedding.They performed as the official role - signs the marriage certificate (without this marriage is not deemed to be registered), and participated in its organization (matchmaking, redemption, holding feasts, etc.).

But recently diminished the importance of witnesses: their presence at the wedding is not mandatory, the painting is no longer needed.Therefore, if a marriage is registered without the celebration, the most witnesses are not taken.But if you plan to further sufficiently large event, it is better to have a couple of close friends to support this important moment.Of course, you can hire special people (toastmaster etc
.), But the little things as a means of trimming the bride appearance, moral support is very important.

Who can take the witness

Who better to take the witness?Usually there is a witness at the wedding of the bride (her loved one), and a witness from the groom.There are no rules and regulations in this regard does not exist.It can be absolutely any people - relatives, friends, acquaintances, colleagues.

There are different signs on how to choose the witnesses.But all of them are without any substantive basis, and are nothing more than a legend, often paraphrased.

example, can not be taken as witnesses married couple, becauseThey divorced soon after marriage (give the happiness to young).You can not be married to someone of the witnesses, asit also leads to divorce.You can not be divorced becauseThis will provoke a divorce the young.All this is backed up by nothing and belongs to the same category of signs, such as: black cat, empty buckets, etc.It is believed that about a married witnesses sign comes from the time of Russia, as they were responsible for the young and their divorce punished ruble.And then there is already an embellishment.

If you come from a more practical advice, it is best to choose a witness or unmarried people (can be in love) or family happy couple.But it is more to due to the various competitions (often at weddings, they are quite frank) then conflicts arose.And to the witnesses themselves are not distracted by their halves, sitting at a party, and it is engaged in the wedding and the young.It should be understood that this should also be sociable and cheerful people who love to be the center of attention, becauseoften they set the tone for most weddings.

In general, whether or not to believe in omens (and to be sure to follow them), or invite just the one you want to see your witness, and may even do without it - it's up to you.